How We Keep Deals Together

How we keep deals together.

After we have found a buyer for your house, there are many things that need to be taken care of to keep the deal together.

Financing problems, cold feet, inspection problems, and newly disclosed information can cause last minute problems. Buyers need constant assistance to keep the sale moving forward.

Sometimes the situation calls for a little counseling, sometimes a little re-negotiating, sometimes more information is needed, and sometimes a compromise is needed.

Most of the time a deal can be saved with the right combination of level-headedness, solution-oriented counseling, AND enough experience to suggest resolutions. Anticipating issues before they arise and resolving issues is the key for success.

Problem prevention is a big part of keeping deals together by staying on top of the situation and not ignoring the warning signs.

If a buyer client starts to get cold feet, we ask why, while there is still time by answering questions and concerns and come up with resolutions before they get scared and say no. Unanswered questions created doubt, and doubt creates uneasiness and uneasiness kills deals. Most of the time buyers just need answers and reassuring.

Getting a home sale to the closing table is how we earn our money. Bringing Buyers and Sellers together is the job and making people happy is our goal.


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